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Welcome to Jason Rickett’s little space on the Internet.

Jason Rickett hangs out with a Hollywood Hooker

Who is Jason Rickett?

This guy:


He’s literally been writing as long as he could spell. He’s been drawing about as long as that, but not as consistently. He’s been working with computers since the Apple IIe, very consistently. And he’s been playing video games since an Atari 2600, somewhat consistently.

He did all the usual stuff kids did in the 1980’s and 1990’s, plus some unusual stuff kids do that only live in an agricultural wasteland. He worked in Informational Technologies while the industry was still young enough that the only requirement to look intelligent was plug in a cable and gloat when the lights lit. For four years, he ran an underground newspaper that had a quite a bit of local notoriety. He did lots of writing for that newspaper, under a number of assumed names, did graphic layout and design, did some advertising sales, ran the website, and listened to a few people compliment his work and the rest bitch about what a horrible job he did. Yay, the privilege of being Editor-in-Chief. He sat on his ass and got absorbed in Massively Multiplayer Online games, adopting the persona Ashencrow for too long to admit without shame, though the experience was worth every minute. He went back to school, got a degree in English and Literature (one of three in his graduating class). He collects fountain pens, vintage and new. And he spends time feeding homeless and hungry folks in his local community, adding a slice of administration in his volunteer work.

Plus, he writes really dark stuff. He’s heard comparisons to Harlan Ellison, Clive Barker. In his dreams, he strives for being Cormac McCarthy, with a touch of Hunter Thompson, but those aspirations are large indeed.

There’s a whole bunch of stuff in between those flagstones, but this is a greeting page, and too much wall of text creates boredom.

He wrote a book of short stories. Here it is.


Here’s another link.

And in the meantime, he’s working on another book, establishing a publishing company, and a local zine to highlight authors, artists, musicians, and other freaks and geeks. Keep coming back to see what new stuff might magically appear here.